Israel: Repairing the World

Blue Apple Works  2012


This slim, well-written volume is full of information about Israel's gifts to the world in the fields of medicine, computer technology, telecommunications, the harnessing of solar energy, science, space, education and agriculture. After a very brief overview of the country's land and people, Rabbi Wise outlines Israel's innovative inventions and its role in making the world a better place (i.e. "repairing the world"). Among these inventions are: an emergency bandage, invented by an Israeli medic and used by AmeriĀ­can soldiers, which can double as a tourniquet and is so easy to use that even an injured person can apply it with only one hand, a PillCam which contains a smooth capsule containing a miniature camera which the patients swallow to give doctors a picture of their digestive tract to help them decide on the best treatment, the first instant-messaging computer system, the first phone voicemail system, and the world's first car phone. They have developed an electric car system which has battery-charging stations all over the country and which should make Israel oil independent by 2020 as well as helping protect the environment by reducing the pollution in the air. It is emphasized that the international news mostly focuses on the conflict rather than the real news about Israel's cutting edge advances in technology and how Israeli medical teams help countries around the world in crisis. The author notes that ten Israeli politicians, writers, economists and scientists have received the Nobel Prize for their achievements.

The book provides an excellent example to the world of what a little country with few natural resources but with a lot of ingenuity can do. It features an attractive layout with color photos and maps. It is well organized with a glossary that includes definitions of words bolded in the text if they aren't already defined there and an informative index.

Rabbi Wise is the spiritual leader of Shaarei-Beth El Congregation of Oakville, Ontario and wrote this book to show students Israel's role as a benefactor to the whole world.

Israel: Repairing the World is written for ages 8-12 and is highly recommended for both for school use and also as a resource for readers of all ages and religions to see what huge contributions Israel has made to the world.

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