Jews and Baseball: Volume 2, The Post-Greenberg Years, 1949-2008

McFarland & Company  2009

If you liked Volume 1, you’ll like Volume 2. This book is a seamless continuation for seamheads of all varieties, another attempt to document the roles that Jews have played in the sport of baseball through its colorful history. As was the case with the first volume, the Boxermans have mixed non-players into their biographical sketches, so that the likes of statistician Allan Roth and labor organizer Marvin Miller, surely one of baseball’s most important figures ever, get prominent play. Sandy Koufax is featured on the cover, but as was true with the first book, some of the more compelling stories are those of obscure players—it’s great to be reminded how many players labored long and hard just to get a brief taste of the big leagues. For Adam Greenberg, it was just a single at-bat in 2005—and he got plunked on the head with  fastball. Bibliography, footnotes, index. 

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