Let’s Talk About Race

Julius Lester, Karen Bar­bour (illus.)

  • From the Publisher
December 31, 2008

This won­der­ful book should be a first choice for all col­lec­tions and is strong­ly rec­om­mend­ed as a spring­board for dis­cus­sions about dif­fer­ences.” —School Library Jour­nal (starred review)

In this acclaimed book, the author of the New­bery Hon­or Book To Be a Slave shares his own sto­ry as he explores what makes each of us spe­cial. A strong choice for shar­ing at home or in the classroom.

Karen Bar­bour’s dra­mat­ic, vibrant paint­ings speak to the heart of Lester’s unique vision, tru­ly a cel­e­bra­tion of all of us. This stun­ning pic­ture book intro­duces race as just one of many chap­ters in a per­son­’s sto­ry” (School Library Jour­nal). Lester’s poignant pic­ture book helps chil­dren learn, grow, dis­cuss, and begin to cre­ate a future that resolves dif­fer­ences” (Chil­dren’s Lit­er­a­ture).

Julius Lester said: I write because our lives are sto­ries. If enough of these sto­ries are told, then per­haps we will begin to see that our lives are the same sto­ry. The dif­fer­ences are mere­ly in the details.”

I am a sto­ry. So are you. So is everyone.

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