Lift and Separate

Lake Union Publishing  2017


Lift and Separate is about a Jewish mother of three grown children whose husband of thirty-three years—the inimitable and charismatic Harvey Hammer—leaves her for a fitting model he met at his brassiere empire. Finding herself in the 10-items-or-less section of the supermarket for the first time in her life, Marcy braves family weddings, divided loyalties, and the news that Harvey’s young girlfriend is pregnant with his baby. On top of that, Marcy’s mother is in the hospital and her daughter is having an affair with a married man. At the hospital Marcy reconnects with Candy an acquaintance from her past, who is also caring for a parent. The two women become best friends confiding everything in one another until Marcy discovers that the married doctor her daughter is sleeping with happens to be Candy’s husband. Fortunately Marcy grows to realize she’s not as alone as she thought she was. She’s got great children who love her friends she can lean on and a thousand bras. She pulls herself up by her lacy straps and finds a way to begin again.

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