Love is a Rebel­lious Bird

Elayne Kas­son 

  • From the Publisher
January 1, 2013

Who is it we love and why do we love these peo­ple? Toward the end of her life, Judith asks these ques­tions, try­ing to under­stand why she chose Elliot Pine to love. Why, for six­ty years, did she per­sist in lov­ing some­one who nev­er gave as much as he was giv­en? In her quest for under­stand­ing, she writes her sto­ry to this excep­tion­al man. Meet­ing as chil­dren in Chica­go, they move to oppo­site coasts. Elliot embarks on a remark­able legal career in Wash­ing­ton and New York while Judith rais­es her chil­dren alone in Cal­i­for­nia, after tragedy. Com­ing togeth­er again and again through­out their lives, their love is nev­er equal, Elliot defin­ing the terms of the relationship.

Judith exam­ines the role of Beau­ty in love, for Elliot’s face and form were beau­ti­ful. She con­sid­ers the role of Con­so­la­tion, how they sup­port­ed one anoth­er in dev­as­tat­ing times. Insan­i­ty, Mag­ic, Deceit, Sen­so­ry Ful­fill­ment, and, final­ly, Being Seen―Judith looks at these many aspects of her love.

Her feel­ings for this man cost her, impinged on every oth­er rela­tion­ship in her life: friends, her two hus­bands, even her three chil­dren. After six­ty years, how­ev­er, it all changes. Judith makes one more pro­found sac­ri­fice, final­ly achiev­ing a sort of long-await­ed hap­pi­ness in her love.

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