Love Today

Max­im Biller; Anthea Bell, trans.
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By – January 9, 2012
These twen­ty-sev­en tales of love have at least one thing in com­mon: their lack of pre­dictable hap­py end­ings. The tone of these sto­ries is some­what detached; many of the char­ac­ters are not referred to by name until well into the tale, cre­at­ing a feel­ing of sep­a­ra­tion and aloof­ness. The rela­tion­ships in these sto­ries, whether new or rekin­dled, nev­er flow in a straight line, indi­cat­ing that love is a bal­ance between two peo­ple that is not eas­i­ly achieved and may nev­er come to pass. 

Biller’s style is direct and unsen­ti­men­tal, in the same way that the rela­tion­ships he depicts are nei­ther warm nor roman­tic. Thus the read­er is not sur­prised when the rela­tion­ships fail, but then again, there is always hope that the next sto­ry will con­tain the one that will succeed.
Lisa Gins­burgh, a res­i­dent of River­woods, IL, belongs to two book clubs and enjoys read­ing about the Jew­ish experience.

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