Maybe It’s Me: On Being the Wrong Kind of Woman

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

As she ascends through a tumul­tuous child­hood in the Jew­ish Catskills, to a fraught four years earn­ing a physics degree at Yale, to a post-grad­u­ate sum­mer that leaves her peed on, shot at, and kid­napped,” to a mar­riage of sup­posed equals in which she is expect­ed to do all the house­work, child-rear­ing, and bill pay­ing and make sure the Roto-Root­er guy arrives on time, Pol­lack shares with poignant humor the tri­als of being smart and female in a world in which women are rarely appre­ci­at­ed for both their bod­ies and their minds. Maybe It’s Me is a ques­tion all women have asked them­selves. But Pollack’s mes­sage will res­onate with read­ers of all gen­ders as a sto­ry of the very human search for con­nec­tion, love, accep­tance, and self-respect. The author of the ground­break­ing mem­oir The Only Woman in the Room: Why Sci­ence is Still a Boys’ Club, Pol­lack proves that even in her six­ties, wis­er and more bruised but no less hilar­i­ous, she is still very much in the game.

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