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Meshug­gah Food Faces

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2020

Meshug­gah Food Faces is packed with 100 fun­ny food art images with a Jew­ish sense of humor by artist Bill Wurtzel. They reflect his youth in the Borscht Belt. He began cre­at­ing them to amuse his wife Claire when they were mar­ried in 1961. Claire’s fun­ny cap­tions are inspired by her Jew­ish upbring­ing on New York City’s Low­er East Side which includ­ed attend­ing 2nd Avenue Yid­dish The­ater per­for­mances. In Bil­l’s hands, the foods evoke hap­pi­ness, sad­ness, friend­ship and beau­ty. A gefilte fish cou­ple argues, blintzes are bud­dies, chal­lah is a kallah, blue­ber­ries feel blue, and two mat­zoh balls become friends in a bowl of chick­en soup. You’ll meet Jew­ish fam­i­ly mem­bers Uncle Max the Mach­er, Cousin Yet­ta the Yen­ta, and celebri­ties like Flanken­stein, Banana Streisand and Sig­mund Fruit. There’s a food face for each Jew­ish chal­lah­day,” plus a hilar­i­ous riff on a dat­ing site with a bunch of whacky char­ac­ters. The book con­cludes with instruc­tions on how to go meshug­gah and cre­ate your own food art.

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