Moving Waters

Argo Navis  2012


Maybe you know these people. Maybe they’re your neighbors or your kids go to day school with their kids. Rosett invites us into the personal, internal moments of members of a Reform congregation in Los Angeles. Where we learn “…at this temple in LA, the spiritual leaders were all somewhat beautiful.” The SAG-card-carrying rabbi who plays one on TV. The wife of a TV writer, learning to fit in as a newly converted Jewish woman. Congregants struggle with love, death, and family, while drawing on Jewish ritual to understand what they’re experiencing. We spend a few minutes or hours with these characters, like a Sunday night TV drama. Which is a natural fit for Rosett’s writing, considering her resume includes writing credits on thirtysomething and Blossom. But the short story collection isn’t all lights and show business. Rosett also won the Moment Magazine-Karma Foundation Prize for Jewish short fiction and the Lilith Fiction Prize. Expect more great things from this new (yet experienced) voice in Jewish fiction.

Book Cover Corner

Ever wonder about the story behind a book's cover? Well, we do. All the time. We recently sat down with the design team behind the cover of Racelle Rosett's collection of stories Moving Waters to find out more about the cover. Read the article here.

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