Nah­manides: Law and Mysticism

Moshe Hal­ber­tal, Daniel Tabak (trans.)

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January 14, 2020

A broad, sys­tem­at­ic account of one of the most orig­i­nal and cre­ative kab­bal­ists, bib­li­cal inter­preters, and Tal­mu­dic schol­ars the Jew­ish tra­di­tion has ever pro­duced

Beau­ti­ful­ly writ­ten, Moshe Halbertal’s ground­break­ing book is excep­tion­al in its capa­bil­i­ty to pen­e­trate to the heart of Nahmanides’s think­ing and world­view. An admirable achieve­ment.” — Adam After­man, Tel Aviv University

Rab­bi Moses b. Nah­man (1194 – 1270), known in Eng­lish as Nah­manides, was the great­est Tal­mu­dic schol­ar of the thir­teenth cen­tu­ry and one of the deep­est and most orig­i­nal bib­li­cal inter­preters. Beyond his mon­u­men­tal scholas­tic achieve­ments, Nah­manides was a dis­tin­guished kab­bal­ist and mys­tic, and in his com­men­tary on the Torah he dis­pensed eso­teric kab­bal­is­tic teach­ings that he termed By Way of Truth.”
This broad, sys­tem­at­ic account of Nahmanides’s thought explores his con­cep­tion of halakhah and his approach to the cen­tral con­cerns of medieval Jew­ish thought, includ­ing notions of God, his­to­ry, rev­e­la­tion, and the rea­sons for the com­mand­ments. The rela­tion­ship between Nahmanides’s kab­bal­ah and mys­ti­cism and the exis­ten­tial reli­gious dri­ve that nour­ish­es them, as well as the legal and exo­teric aspects of his think­ing, are at the cen­ter of Moshe Halbertal’s por­tray­al of Nah­manides as a com­plex and trans­for­ma­tive thinker.

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