One Hap­py Divorce-Hold the Bulls#!t

  • From the Publisher
March 29, 2018

One Hap­py Divorce-Hold the Bulls#!t evolved from The Truth Hurvitz, the rela­tion­ship blog by Jew­ish blog­ger Jen­nifer Hurvitz Wein­traub, and it’s as real as it gets. We all know divorce is tough, but it does­n’t have to be mis­er­able! A hap­py ex equals a more peace­ful life. Jen­nifer serves up a tri­fec­ta of fun­ny, insight­ful, and heart­felt anec­dotes – a recipe for suc­cess. Through relat­able sto­ries and per­son­al expe­ri­ences, we learn that divorce does­n’t have to end in dis­as­ter. We all know a good mar­riage takes effort, well, so does a good divorce. And yes, there is such as thing as a good divorce.” Mix­ing humor and heart, One Hap­py Divorce – Hold the Bulls#!t is a deli­cious slice of reality.

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