Woul­da. Coul­da. Shoul­da.: A Divorce Coach’s Guide to Stay­ing Married

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January 1, 2013

Imag­ine there were a secret recipe” to a suc­cess­ful and ever­last­ing mar­riage, would you want it? Of course you would! And who bet­ter to stir it up than a woman who fig­ured it all out just a bit too late … after she signed her divorce papers. In woul­da. coul­da. shoul­da., Hurvitz offers a no‑B.S. look at what the divorce process real­ly looks like for those con­tem­plat­ing a sep­a­ra­tion or divorce, or those already going through one. Take a deep breath and read as she shares her insight into what the green­er grass” hon­est­ly looks like.

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