Out of Egypt: A Memoir

  • From the Publisher
March 14, 2014
A rich­ly col­ored mem­oir chron­i­cling the exploits of a flam­boy­ant Jew­ish fam­i­ly, from its bold arrival in cos­mopoli­tan Alexan­dria to its defeat­ed exo­dus three gen­er­a­tions lat­er. In ele­gant and wit­ty prose, André Aci­man intro­duces us to the mar­velous eccentrics who shaped his life – Uncle Vili, the strut­ting dare­dev­il, sol­dier, sales­man, and spy; the two grand­moth­ers, the Princess and the Saint, who gos­sip in six lan­guages; Aunt Flo­ra, the Ger­man refugee who warns that Jews lose every­thing at least twice in their lives.” And through it all, we come to know a boy who, even as he longs for a wider world, does not want to be led, for­ev­er, out of Egypt.

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