Saints and Sol­diers: Inside Inter­net-Age Ter­ror­ism, From Syr­ia to the Capi­tol Siege

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

In Saints and Sol­diers, Katz reveals a new gen­er­a­tion of ter­ror­ist move­ments that don’t just use the inter­net but exist almost entire­ly on it. She pro­vides a vivid view from the trench­es, span­ning edgy video game chat groups to what ISIS and Far-Right mass shoot­ers in El Paso, Orlan­do, and else­where unwit­ting­ly reveal between the lines of their man­i­festos. Katz shows how the online cul­tures of these move­ments — far more than their ide­olo­gies and lead­ers — cre­ate today’s ter­ror­ists and shape how they com­mit real world” vio­lence. From ISIS to QAnon, Saints and Sol­diers pin­points the approach­es need­ed for a new era in which arrests and mil­i­tary cam­paigns alone can­not stop these nev­er-before-seen threats.

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