Sam and Charlie (and Sam Too!)

albert whitman & company  2013


Sam watches as new neighbors move in next door. When he hears they have a child named Charlie, he’s excited to meet him. But Charlie, short for Charlene, is a girl! And to make matters worse, Charlie has a little sister named Sam (Sam, Too).

Charlie plays baseball, and she and Sam become good friends. They are soon playing catch, sharing hamentaschen, and helping each other. All goes well until Sam’s honesty gets him in trouble. Now Charlie won’t even talk to him. What’s a friend to do? With Yom Kippur—I’m Sorry Day—just around the corner, will Sam and Charlie find the courage to forgive and forget?

Sam and Charlie (And Sam Too) is an early chapter book designed for 6-8 year olds. It is a sweet story of friendship, colorfully and cheerfully illustrated. Kimmelman seamlessly weaves in information about Purim and Yom Kippur. It is a story any young child will enjoy reading, a story about the give-and-take be- tween friends and what it takes to keep a good friendship together. Sam and Charlie (And Sam Too) is highly recommended.

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