Scare Your Soul: 7 Pow­er­ful Prin­ci­ples to Har­ness Fear and Lead Your Most Coura­geous Life

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

It’s not easy to be coura­geous in a world full of fear. But what if we had the courage to take pos­i­tive action in our lives any­way? What changes would you make to trans­form your cur­rent real­i­ty into the life of your dreams? Author and hap­pi­ness entre­pre­neur Scott Simon grew up want­i­ng to be invis­i­ble. He was chron­i­cal­ly shy and the vic­tim of bul­lies. But an eight-word epiphany on a flight to Israel — and a result­ing year of say­ing yes” to what scared him — changed him for­ev­er. By com­bin­ing research on pos­i­tive psy­chol­o­gy with real-life sto­ries, Simon chal­lenges you to join him in con­fronting the fears that hold us back in our lives. Like a mus­cle, courage grows stronger the more you exer­cise it. Scare Your Soul will not only teach you how to exer­cise courage but will guide you in tak­ing small, bound­ary-push­ing actions to expand your com­fort zone (so that you feel less fear and more con­fi­dence with each action). The book — which weaves in sto­ries of Israel expe­ri­ences, the teach­ings of A.J. Hes­chel, and more — is a tapes­try of writ­ing prompts, activ­i­ties, and real-world chal­lenges. Scare Your Soul is an inter­ac­tive roadmap to build­ing bravery.

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