The Edge of the Stick­er: A Guide for Get­ting Through Life’s Challenges

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2021

Have you ever tried peel­ing a stick­er off your car? You prob­a­bly start by look­ing for a cor­ner that’s raised just enough to get your fin­ger­nail under­neath. Once you’ve got that edge, you can gen­tly pull it away. Life is stress­ful and every­one feels anx­ious or depressed at times, even peo­ple who appear to have it all under con­trol. While it’s easy to get stuck and feel like there’s no way out, the path to feel­ing bet­ter begins by get­ting an edge, slow­ly pulling and chang­ing course as life shifts under­neath you.

The Edge of the Stick­er was inspired by the col­lec­tive psy­cho­log­i­cal strug­gles we all faced dur­ing the pan­dem­ic. It test­ed our grit and resolve, and it proved that we could adapt even when faced with crush­ing uncer­tain­ty. This book brings togeth­er some of the lessons we learned from Covid with strate­gies devel­oped over near­ly 30 years of pro­vid­ing psy­chother­a­py for men­tal health chal­lenges of all kinds.

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