She’s Up to No Good

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September 1, 2021

Four years into her mar­riage, Jen­na is blind­sided when her hus­band asks to divorce. With her life in flux, she agrees to accom­pa­ny her eccen­tric grand­moth­er Eve­lyn to the sea­side Mass­a­chu­setts town where much of their fam­i­ly his­to­ry was shaped.

When they hit the road, Eve­lyn spins tales of the star-crossed teenage romance that cap­tured her heart more than sev­en­ty years ago and changed the course of her life. She insists the return to her home­town isn’t about that at all — no mat­ter how much she talks about Tony, her unfor­get­table and for­bid­den first love. Upon arrival, Jen­na meets Tony’s attentive

great-nephew Joe. The new friend­ship and fresh ocean air give her the con­fi­dence and dis­tance she needs to begin putting the pain of a bro­ken mar­riage behind her.

As the secrets and truths of Eve­lyn’s past unfold, Jen­na dis­cov­ers a new side of her grand­moth­er, and of her­self, that she nev­er knew exist­ed — and learns that the pos­si­bil­i­ties for heal­ing can come at the most unex­pect­ed times in a wom­an’s life.

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