Some­one’s Secret: A Novel

  • From the Publisher
February 8, 2022

Two mem­o­rable strangers col­lide in an emo­tion­al­ly rich, poignant nov­el on how secrets from the past shape our futures — and how sal­va­tion can often come from our inner demons. 

Liz Fine’s life is reel­ing. Three years have passed since a car acci­dent claimed the life of her best friend, Jazz. Then, her anx­i­ety went out of con­trol, and now her lap­top — her most pre­cious pos­ses­sion con­tain­ing what­ev­er mem­o­ries of Jazz she has left — is gone. Stolen. 

But that isn’t even the worst part. The worst part came sev­er­al days lat­er, when a ter­ri­fy­ing mes­sage popped up in Liz’s inbox, black text over neon white: 

Hel­lo Eliza. You don’t know me, but I recent­ly bought your used lap­top and spent the last few days engrossed in your world. I am now in pos­ses­sion of all your files. 

I am about to offer you a deal.” 

The anony­mous black­mail­er — whose sig­na­ture reads only Some­one” — presents a sim­ple deal: every week, Liz will send him a let­ter reveal­ing her inner­most emo­tions, thoughts, and feel­ings; and every week, he will send back a piece of Liz’s past. Refuse, and both her past — and her lap­top — are gone. Obsessed with retriev­ing the life she had already lost once, Liz obliges. 

Emo­tions boil to the sur­face as the two begin their cor­re­spon­dence. Tragedy begets tragedy and secret begets secret as Liz has no choice but to con­front her inner­most fears. But dis­cov­er­ing Someone’s secret will present her with a new choice to make. One that will shape the rest of her life. And his.

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