Stones on a Grave

Orca Book Publishers  2015


When the orphanage that Sara has lived in since babyhood burns to the ground, Sara is already eighteen-years-old and poised to leave. With the money she’s saved and the mementos she’s been given, she travels to Germany to explore the Jewish heritage she has only just learned she belongs to. It turns out that her mother survived a Nazi concentration camp, only to die in a DP camp, giving birth to her. But Sara does reunite with her grandfather, find a romantic interest, and start to understand both the history of the Holocaust and the power of forgiveness. Part of a series of books by Kathy Kacer, Secrets, about interconnected characters, this is a moving story with a likeable protagonist—even if readers are asked to swallow a few too many coincidences.

Recommended for ages 12-15.

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