The Artist’s Torah

  • From the Publisher
May 13, 2013
The Artist’s Torah is an uplift­ing and down-to-earth guide to the cre­ative process, wide open to long­time artists and first-time dab­blers, and to every cre­ative medi­um. In this book, you’ll find a year-long cycle of week­ly meditations/​Torah com­men­taries on a life lived artis­ti­cal­ly, ground­ed in ancient Jew­ish wis­dom and the wis­dom of Jew­ish artists, com­posers, writ­ers, and chore­o­g­ra­phers from the past and present. You’ll explore the nature of the cre­ative process — how it begins, what it’s for, what it asks of you, how you work your way to truth and mean­ing, what you do when you get blocked, what you do when you’re done — and encounter ques­tions that will help you apply the med­i­ta­tions to your own life and work. Above all, The Artist’s Torah teach­es us that cre­ativ­i­ty is a nat­ur­al and impor­tant part of the human spir­it, a bright spark that, week after week, this book will brighten. 

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