The End of Men: And the Rise of Women

Han­na Rosin
  • From the Publisher
April 23, 2012

The End of Men”, Han­na Rosin’s 2010 cov­er sto­ry for the Atlantic, was one of those con­ver­sa­tion-start­ing arti­cles that come along once or twice a year, still sur­fac­ing in every­thing from the season’s sit-com line­up to online chat­ter more than a year after it appeared. The End of Men: And the Rise of Women is one of those thun­der­bolts of a book on gen­der rela­tions that come along once or twice a decade; with it, Rosin joins Bet­ty Friedan, Kate Mil­lett, Simone de Beau­voir, Susan Falu­di, Nao­mi Wolf, and oth­ers who have com­plete­ly reset the con­ver­sa­tion we have about men and women. By every mea­sure – suc­cess in school, earn­ing, health, and home – women are leav­ing men in the dust. The effects of this new real­i­ty – on men espe­cial­ly, but there­fore also on mar­riage, chil­dren, and every oth­er aspect of per­son­al and pub­lic life — are pro­found, for good and for ill. Drilling deep into the research, rang­ing across the coun­try – some­times across the globe –. to cap­ture women and men from all walks of class and cul­ture doing and say­ing sur­pris­ing and rev­e­la­to­ry things, and bring­ing to bear her own smarts and fear­less­ness as an observ­er and inter­preter of sex­u­al pol­i­tics, Rosin shakes us free of entrenched mythol­o­gy to reveal the rad­i­cal­ly dif­fer­ent way men and women today work, learn, earn, spend, mar­ry, have sex, even kill. Her land­mark book shows how and why the social order we thought was immutable has turned upside down, and how, regard­less of gen­der, we can both adapt to it in the present and chan­nel it for a bet­ter future.

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