The Family Tabor

Flatiron Books  2018


The Tabor Family is perfect. But what family is without its secrets? Cherise Wolas reveals the cracks in this smooth family facade in her beautifully written, tensely-plotted second novel.

Harry Tabor is about to be named Man of the Decade for a lifetime devoted to helping Jews resettle in America, and he's excited to celebrate the occasion with those he loves most: his stunningly brilliant wife Roma, his three incredibly accomplished children, and his two precocious granddaughters. The weekend will be a wonderful recognition of a life well lived.

But on the day his family is set to arrive in Palm Springs, Harry is suddenly haunted by a long-buried secret, one that drove him to relocate his young family from Connecticut to the desert, one he has been keeping even from himself. As the weekend unfolds, Harry races to figure out how he can reconcile his past imperfections with his present triumph before he has to walk across that stage and accept his award. Is a lifetime of generosity enough to atone for one bad decision?

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