The Hag­gadah About Noth­ing: The (Unof­fi­cial) Sein­feld Haggadah

Rab­bi Sam Reinstein

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By – March 10, 2021

The Hag­gadah About Noth­ing takes its name from the sit­com Sein­feld, described by its cre­ators as a show about noth­ing.” Its author, Rab­bi Sam Rein­stein, is a Mod­ern Ortho­dox Rab­bi and Sein­feld afi­ciona­do; he con­trasts the pur­pose of the Seder — to spir­i­tu­al­ly ele­vate its par­tic­i­pants — to the ethos of Sein­feld, in which the char­ac­ters nev­er change. In this jux­ta­po­si­tion, The Hag­gadah About Noth­ing encour­ages us how not to be and under­scores the remark­ably trans­for­ma­tive pow­er of the Seder expe­ri­ence. The author pairs a tra­di­tion­al Hag­gadah text with excerpts, anec­dotes, quotes, and com­men­tary on the char­ac­ters and episodes of this for­ma­tive tele­vi­sion com­e­dy. As a text-heavy edi­tion, The Hag­gadah About Noth­ing is designed for adult audi­ences that appre­ci­ate the inter­sec­tion of Judaism and pop culture.

This is part of the Passover 5781/2021 Hag­gadah Roundup.

Jonathan Fass is the Man­ag­ing Direc­tor of Edu­ca­tion­al Tech­nol­o­gy and Strat­e­gy at The Jew­ish Edu­ca­tion Project of New York.

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