The Mag­ic Room

Jef­frey Zaslow
  • From the Publisher
April 23, 2012
Up a short flight of stairs, inside a build­ing in a small town in Michi­gan, there is a room. It’s a spe­cial place, rich in his­to­ry, and 100,000 brides have made pil­grim­ages to find it. The Mag­ic Room: A Sto­ry About The Love We Wish For Our Daugh­ters, takes read­ers to Becker’s Bridal, a remark­able 78-year-old bridal shop, to explore the hopes and dreams that par­ents have for their daugh­ters. Jeff weaves this true sto­ry using a reporter’s research and a father’s heart. In doing so, he brings to life an old Jew­ish say­ing: Every time a mar­riage takes place, a new world is created.”

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