The Mom Who Took Off On Her Motor­cy­cle: Life Lessons on the Road to Alaska

  • From the Publisher
May 13, 2013

After mov­ing from Long Island to a small beach vil­lage in North­ern Israel, Diana Blet­ter raised four kids, two step-kids and an unof­fi­cial­ly adopt­ed daugh­ter from Ethiopia. Then she faced an emp­ty nest. Who was she now? And what was she going to do next? To answer those ques­tions, Blet­ter decid­ed to ride a motor­cy­cle from New York to Alas­ka. Only there was one slight prob­lem: she’d nev­er been on a motor­cy­cle before. With six motor­cy­cle lessons’ worth of expe­ri­ence, Blet­ter took off with her hus­band — a for­mer secret Israeli com­man­do — trav­el­ing from New York, across Cana­da, and up the unpre­dictable Alas­ka High­way where she con­fronts winds, rains, moose and griz­zly bears. This autobiography/​memoir is fun­ny and inspir­ing, full of insights on moth­er­hood, mar­riage, Judaism, and life in Israel, in peace­ful times as well as dur­ing the 2006 Israel-Hezbol­lah War, when one of her sons was wound­ed. This mov­ing sto­ry reveals how one woman dis­cov­ers her strength, her sense of spir­i­tu­al­i­ty, and what it means to become the hero of her own life.

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