The Sons of Pigs and Apes: Mus­lim Anti­semitism and the Con­spir­a­cy of Silence

Neil J. Kressel
  • Review
By – August 1, 2014

The title of this book comes from a quote from the Koran: it is the way Jews are described in Islam’s cen­tral sacred text and is a phrase that is often repeat­ed in Ara­bic society. 

In this impor­tant but dis­turb­ing book, Neil Kres­sel, a social psycholo­gist and expert on extrem­ism in its var­i­ous forms, doc­u­ments how Arabs and Mus­lims speak, write about, and refer to Jews. Why, he asks, does no one ques­tion the way the Arab world refers to Jews? Why has almost every­one, from world lead­ers to the press and even Arabs them­selves, been silent about this very pub­lic hate­ful attitude? 

Kres­sel asserts that he is a staunch lib­er­al and would nev­er be consid­ered part of the con­spir­a­to­r­i­al move­ment. He does not have to be to be aston­ished by what he reads and hears; the exam­ples are noth­ing short of shock­ing. And it is not just reli­gious or polit­i­cal rhetoric: Arab hatred of the Jews is imbued in the cul­ture — even in pro­gram­ming for chil­dren. For instance, on Pales­tin­ian children’s tele­vi­sion, the Mick­ey Mouse-like char­ac­ter and the Bugs Bun­ny-like char­ac­ter are killed by the Jews. 

Kres­sel asserts that when the pres­i­dent of Iran threat­ens to wipe Israel off the map and his state­ments become a com­mon expres­sion in dis­course in Iran and through­out the Mid­dle East, some­thing is very wrong. What dis­turbs the author most is that the hatred is down­played by the West, espe­cial­ly by the lead­ers of the West.

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