The Vil­lage Twins

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2020

When the sev­enth daugh­ter of a sev­enth daugh­ter has twins, you know there will be trou­ble. Abra­ham and Adam Schlemiel are iden­ti­cal. Their par­ents, teach­ers and even­tu­al­ly their wives can’t tell them apart. As boys they change places at whim, but as they grow into man­hood, they strug­gle with issues of iden­ti­ty. Abra­ham, the first­born, is thought­ful, while Adam remains impul­sive. They both fall in love with Rosa, a Gyp­sy princess. When war comes, one must flee, and the oth­er remains. The Vil­lage Twins blends mag­i­cal real­ism, adven­ture and the picaresque. A stand-alone nov­el, it is also the first book in Izzy Abrahmson’s The Vil­lage Life” series. Once you begin read­ing, you won’t want it to end.

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