The Way Back

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2019

For the Jews of East­ern Europe demons are every­where: danc­ing on the rooftops in the dark­ness of mid­night, con­gre­gat­ing in the trees, har­row­ing the dead, even reach­ing out to try and steal away the liv­ing. But the demons have a land of their own: a Far Coun­try peo­pled with the souls of the tran­sient dead, gov­erned by demon­ic dukes, barons, and earls. When the Angel of Death comes strolling through the lit­tle shtetl of Tupik one night, two young peo­ple will be sent spin­ning off on a jour­ney through the Far Coun­try. There they will make pacts with ancient demons, declare war on Death him­self, and maybe — just maybe — find a way to make it back alive. Draw­ing inspi­ra­tion from the Jew­ish folk tra­di­tion, The Way Back is a sweep­ing, dark his­tor­i­cal fan­ta­sy sure to cap­ti­vate read­ers of Neil Gaiman’s The Grave­yard Book and Philip Pull­man’s The Book of Dust.

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