Tough Ques­tions Jews Ask: A Young Adults Guide to Build­ing a Jew­ish Life

Rab­bi Edward Feinstein
  • From the Publisher
October 6, 2011
Some major con­cerns fac­ing Jew­ish youth – God, prayer, good and evil, and the after­life – are addressed in a ques­tion and answer for­mat. Anoth­er good choice is Rab­bi Marc Gell­man and Mon­sign­or Thomas Hartman’s How Do You Spell God?: Answers to the Big Ques­tions from around the World, which takes a wise and wit­ty look at how the world’s great reli­gions answer ques­tions regard­ing the pur­pose of human life and what hap­pens when we die. 

Discussion Questions