What to Eat When: A Strate­gic Plan to Improve Your Health & Life Through Food

  • From the Publisher
January 1, 2013

What if eat­ing two cups of blue­ber­ries a day could pre­vent can­cer? If drink­ing a kale-infused smooth­ie could coun­ter­act miss­ing an hour’s worth of sleep? When is the right time of day to eat that choco­late chip cook­ie? And would you actu­al­ly drink that glass of water if it meant skip­ping the gym? This rev­o­lu­tion­ary guide reveals how to use food to enhance our per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al lives – and increase longevi­ty to boot. What to Eat When is not a diet book. Instead acclaimed internist Michael Roizen and cer­ti­fied physi­cian Michael Cru­pain offer read­ers choic­es that ben­e­fit them the most — whether it’s meals to help them look and feel younger or snacks that pre­vent dis­eases — based on the sci­ence that gov­erns them.

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