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September 1, 2021

Simon Wiesen­thal was a Jew­ish Holo­caust sur­vivor who became inter­na­tion­al­ly famous for relent­less­ly pur­su­ing and bring­ing near­ly 1,100 Nazi war crim­i­nals to jus­tice. He is best known for his role in cap­tur­ing Adolf Eich­mann, the archi­tect of the Final Solution.

This award-win­ning one-man play, now avail­able in book form, begins on the day of his retire­ment when Simon Wiesen­thal invites one last group of stu­dents into his office. With warmth, wit, and sur­pris­ing humor, the famed Nazi Hunter” recounts how he tracked down history’s most noto­ri­ous killers, warn­ing his young friends that although progress has been made since WWII, the human sav­age still lurks just below this wafer-thin veil of civ­i­liza­tion. Author Tom Dugan cap­tures the essence of this extra­or­di­nary man in the con­text of Holo­caust his­to­ry as well as the lega­cy he left behind.

The book includes the entire off-Broad­way pro­duc­tion playscript of this riv­et­ing dra­ma and a com­plete study guide, pro­duc­tion pho­tographs, and book club questions.

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