Will Jew Mar­ry Me? A Guide to Dat­ing, Rela­tion­ships, Love, and Marriage

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August 15, 2016

You grad­u­at­ed from a great school, you have a reward­ing career, and your fam­i­ly is warm and car­ing. So why are you — like so many oth­er young Jew­ish men and women in their twen­ties and thir­ties — hav­ing trou­ble in your quest for a suc­cess­ful and com­mit­ted rela­tion­ship?

In Will Jew Mar­ry Me? Rab­bi Lawrence Hajioff has col­lect­ed his thoughts, ideas, expe­ri­ences, and sto­ries from his many years of work­ing with Jew­ish sin­gles. The book is full of valu­able, prac­ti­cal advice for young Jew­ish men and women who want to go from sin­gle to mar­ried. It offers infor­ma­tion and guid­ance on top­ics such as these:

Rea­sons to get mar­ried
Ques­tions for your first date
Red flags in dat­ing
How to know when you’ve found your soul mate
Build­ing a true love rela­tion­ship
How to have a real­ly good fight
The laws and cus­toms of a Jew­ish wed­ding
What to expect from your first year of mar­riage

Will Jew Mar­ry Me? is your guide to achiev­ing dat­ing, rela­tion­ship, love, and mar­riage success.

Vis­it­ing Scribe: Rab­bi Lawrence Hajioff

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