Win: Change Your Think­ing, Change Your Destiny

  • From the Publisher
March 29, 2018

Win­ners don’t have more sta­mi­na or built-in genius, they have just learned how to think in ways that get them the results they want,” says moti­va­tion­al expert Rab­bi Stephen Baars.

Incred­i­bly, the Torah’s wis­dom on how to suc­ceed is proven through the few indi­vid­u­als who suc­ceed greatly.

Most of us believe that moti­va­tion cre­ates suc­cess, but in this book you’ll learn that it’s the oth­er way around: It’s know­ing that you are going to suc­ceed that cre­ates motivation.

Win­ners have learned how to make chal­leng­ing goals easy, but easy does­n’t mean low­er. The trick is to take the goals you real­ly want, and make THEM easy.

Win­ners don’t have more sta­mi­na. They just have bet­ter ideas. They don’t have high­er IQs. They just have great strategy.

This book will change your think­ing, just by read­ing it.

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