You Made Me Love You

Joan­na Goodman
  • Review
By – May 11, 2012
Set in Toron­to, this sto­ry is about three Jew­ish sis­ters who are out­ward­ly very dif­fer­ent but alike in more ways than they know. Estelle yearns to make it big in Hol­ly­wood. Eri­ca, a writer, lives with her much old­er pro­fes­sor; and Jessie has a hus­band, two chil­dren and a seem­ing­ly per­fect life. As the book explores the life of each sis­ter, it becomes clear that each is in a rela­tion­ship that smoth­ers or lim­its her in some way. This nov­el about rela­tion­ships, life, and dreams is an enjoy­able, light read, with a nice empha­sis on how peo­ple can come to love one anoth­er in spite of themselves.
Bar­bara S. Cohen is a tri­al attor­ney in Los Ange­les who spe­cial­izes in child abuse cas­es. She is a mem­ber of NAMI and a sup­port­er of NARSAD, and is an advo­cate for those who suf­fer from men­tal illness.

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