Paper Brigade’s Short Sto­ry Club: The Lit­tle Bot­tles” with Abi­gail Weaver

Thursday, June 9, 2022


Join Abi­gail Weaver and Paper Brigade​’s edi­tors for the fourth meet­ing of Paper Brigade​’s Short Sto­ry Club! 

Togeth­er, we will dis­cuss Abi­gail Weaver’s The Lit­tle Bot­tles.” This half-hour event is free and open to the pub­lic, and par­tic­i­pants are warm­ly encour­aged to join the conversation.

Read The Lit­tle Bot­tles” online, or pur­chase a copy of the 2020/2021 issue of Paper Brigade to read it in print.