JBC Read On: A Jewish Author Speakers’ Bureau

Jewish Book Council is excited to announce a new endeavor called JBC READ ON: A Jewish Author Speakers’ Bureau. This program is a speakers’ bureau for those authors who have previously participated with JBC Network, Jewish Book Council's author touring program. JBC connects authors, who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to speak about their book after being eligible for JBC Network, to sites and venues. 


I'm An Author-Am I Eligible?

•Any author who has previously registered with JBC Network and whose book has a copyright date past the current JBC Meet the Author tour eligibility date.

• Books must still be in print.

• Books must be published in English and distributed in the United States.

• Translations to English are accepted.

Click below for the complete guidelines. Have a question? Email us at ReadOn@Jewishbooks.org.                          

Click here to register.

Click here for the Read On brochure, as of June 2018.

Featured Authors: