A Code of Jewish Ethics: Volume I - You Shall Be Holy

Bell Tower  2006

While each of us has the ability to transform ourselves and thereby the world through small acts of moral behavior, we nonetheless need bold moral thinkers and advocates willing to place the big picture on our agendas. In creating this, the first of a multi-volume compendium, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin—prolific author, spiritual leader, scholar and champion of a broad vision of Klal Yisrael—has given us a wonderful gift. Combining a wide range of Jewish texts, practical stories, and “pop-psychology” suggestions, he has placed before us, a guide that will bear reading and rereading. Telushkin’s first volume covers issues such as: building character; good manners and civility; humility; anger; truth, lies and permitted lies; and acting as an ambassador of God, to name but a few.

I strongly urge readers, and rabbis and other educators in particular, to take advantage of the website that the publisher has developed—www.acodeofjewishethics.com. Extraordinarily useful study guides with superb, thought-provoking questions associated with each chapter are available as downloadable PDF files. A suggestion to the publisher: Add to this website a searchable database with key terms from the book, which would enable the book to be transformed into a highly user-friendly online product as well for those of us seeking just the right reference, story or thought for lectures, sermons, articles and other occasions.

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