All About Anne

Second Story Press   2018


Just when it seems that nothing new could possibly be written about Anne Frank, we are finally presented with a book sponsored by the Anne Frank House that will be welcomed by librarians, teachers, and parents alike. The authors of this well-written account have told Anne's story clearly and movingly, and have provided a large array of learning enhancements to make the events of the time comprehensible to today’s young reader: maps, illustrations, photographs, charts, concise yet informative historical sidebars, document reproductions, family trees, and sociological explanations.

All about Anne is an excellent companion to the diary itself, either as an introduction or as a follow-up to fill in historical detail; either way, the two make an excellent pairing. The book addresses Anne’s prewar life, her years in hiding, her capture, and her death in Bergen-Belsen. These events are placed within the broader context of the rise of Nazism and the history of World War II. The text also touches on the postwar lives of Anne’s father and her childhood friends.

This excellent resource is highly recommended for ages 9 to 18, and is useful both in and out of the classroom.

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