Holo­caust, Geno­cide, and the Law: A Quest for Jus­tice in a Post-Holo­caust World

Michael Bazyler
  • From the Publisher
December 22, 2016

A great deal of con­tem­po­rary law has a direct con­nec­tion to the Holo­caust. That con­nec­tion, how­ev­er, is sel­dom acknowl­edged in legal texts and has nev­er been the sub­ject of a full-length schol­ar­ly work. This book exam­ines the back­ground of the Holo­caust and geno­cide through the prism of the law; the crim­i­nal and civ­il pros­e­cu­tion of the Nazis and their col­lab­o­ra­tors for Holo­caust-era crimes; and con­tem­po­rary attempts to crim­i­nal­ly pros­e­cute per­pe­tra­tors for the crime of geno­cide. It pro­vides the his­to­ry of the Holo­caust as a legal event, and sets out how geno­cide has become known as the crime of crimes” under both inter­na­tion­al law and in pop­u­lar dis­course. It goes on to dis­cuss spe­cif­ic post-Holo­caust legal top­ics, and exam­ines the Holo­caust as a cat­a­lyst for post-Holo­caust inter­na­tion­al jus­tice. Togeth­er, this col­lec­tion of sub­jects estab­lish­es a new legal dis­ci­pline, which the author Michael Bazyler labels Post-Holo­caust Law.”

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