Beverly Hills Concentration Camp

Flying Squirrel Publishing  2016


Randi Maggid, who has found relief through non-traditional medical alternatives, bravely shares her story in her emotional and insightful new memoir, Beverly Hills Concentration Camp. With names changed to protect the privacy of the book’s characters, Beverly Hills Concentration Camp opens on the present life of Alix, a seemingly-ordinary mom, who through a series of flashbacks, takes the reader along on her healing journey -- from the depths of severe physical pain and anguish to the heights of awakened spirituality and health.

Alix, the daughter of Jewish Holocaust survivors, describes the unlikely struggle of growing up in a beautiful Spanish house in Beverly Hills with the weight of the concentration camps pressing down on her; many of the same horrible things that happened to her mother were happening to her. Little did she know her past would catch up with her, cause her years of physical pain that would eventually require immediate surgery she was determined to avoid.

Her story encourages people to heal themselves on levels deeper than they ever thought possible.

Discussion Questions and Topics

Courtesy of Randi Maggid

  • Do the experiences and messages in this story impact your thinking on the use of alternative healing, use of pharmaceuticals, etc.

  • Have you had any surgeries you regret having or would rethink after having read this book?

  • Topics for discussion
  • Randi's personal story of being the daughter of Holocaust survivors

  • The ways in which Randi's healing helped relieve the same burden for own children

  • The emotional struggle faced by the generation after World War II and the burdens placed upon them

  • The fact that we can heal ourselves from pain by having faith there are other options beyond medication

  • The many different alternative modalities for pain relief, and the importance of having the patience to find the ones that work for you

  • How doing breath work can change your life and heal your lineage – releasing negative energy that has been stored in your body even before birth

  • How healing our own pain can help heal future generations

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