Brand­ed by the Pink Triangle

Ken Set­ter­ing­ton
  • From the Publisher
May 13, 2013
Brand­ed by the Pink Tri­an­gle, a non-fic­tion book writ­ten pri­mar­i­ly for a teen audi­ence, tells the often for­got­ten sto­ry of the homo­sex­u­al men who were per­se­cut­ed by the Nazis. The book begins with the thriv­ing gay cul­ture in Berlin but then fol­lows the rise of the Nazis and their solu­tion of exter­mi­na­tion through work’ which they devel­oped to rid Ger­many of homo­sex­u­als. Through his­tor­i­cal facts and the per­son­al sto­ries of a few men the his­to­ry of the men brand­ed by the pink tri­an­gle reveals a trag­ic sto­ry, made more trag­ic by the indif­fer­ence to their suf­fer­ing for decades after the war. One of the men whose inspir­ing sto­ry is told is Gad Beck, a Jew­ish homo­sex­u­al. This book high­lights both the per­se­cu­tion of gay men dur­ing the Nazi regime and the dif­fi­cul­ties suf­fered by those same men and oth­er gays until very recent times. 

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