Eli’s Promise

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2019

Award-win­ning author Ronald H. Bal­son explores the human cost of war and the strength of fam­i­ly bonds in his new mas­ter­ful work of his­tor­i­cal fic­tion, Eli’s Promise. 1939: Eli Rosen his wife and young son live in Lublin, Poland. As a con­se­quence of the Nazi occu­pa­tion, Eli’s com­pa­ny is Aryanized, appro­pri­at­ed, and trans­ferred to Max­i­m­il­ian Poles­ki — a spine­less prof­i­teer who ped­dles favors to Lublin’s sub­ju­gat­ed res­i­dents. An uneasy alliance is formed; Poles­ki will keep the Rosen fam­i­ly safe if Eli will man­age the busi­ness. 1946: Lib­er­at­ed from Buchen­wald, Eli and his son reside in a dis­placed per­sons camp in Allied-occu­pied Ger­many, hop­ing for a visa to Amer­i­ca. His wife, whom Poles­ki swore to pro­tect, has been miss­ing since the war. Some­one is sell­ing black mar­ket visas. Is it Poles­ki? Will he know what hap­pened to Esther? 1965: U.S. involve­ment in the Viet­nam War increas­es. Now liv­ing in Chica­go, Eli embarks on a secret quest to find war prof­i­teers. Will he encounter his nemesis?

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