Feed­ing Women of the Bible, Feed­ing Ourselves

  • From the Publisher
February 26, 2013

Feed­ing Women of the Bible cook­book fea­tures a short com­pelling nar­ra­tive of 20 female bib­li­cal hero­ines from the Hebrew bible, paired with two healthy plant-based kosher pareve recipes inspired by the character’s experience.

You learn about these extra­or­di­nary women through:

Their Sto­ries: a con­cise sum­ma­ry of the female bib­li­cal character’s narrative.

Vers­es: key quo­ta­tions from the Hebrew Bible relat­ing to the bib­li­cal character’s nar­ra­tive. All quo­ta­tions are from The Hebrew Bible: A Trans­la­tion and Com­men­tary by Robert Alter.

Themes: essen­tial emo­tion­al, men­tal, phys­i­cal, social themes that define the heroine’s nar­ra­tive or role.

Midrash: a mod­ern com­men­tary, uplift­ing the voice of the bib­li­cal hero­ine with­out attempt­ing to neu­tralise their imper­fec­tions, flaws or struggles.

Prompts: mean­ing­ful ques­tions aris­ing from her sto­ry, to inspire fur­ther reflec­tion for women today.

Food Offer­ings: two plant-based recipes devel­oped to hon­our the bib­li­cal heroines.

This is a com­mu­ni­ty cook­book by Kenden Alfond and is the co-cre­ation of 40 Jew­ish women. The twen­ty bib­li­cal nar­ra­tives are con­tributed by Rab­bis, Rab­bini­cal stu­dents, Jew­ish teach­ers and emerg­ing thought lead­ers. The forty-one plant-based recipes were devel­oped by pro­fes­sion­al chefs, home­cooks who are ele­men­tary school stu­dents, and great-grandmothers.

Discussion Questions