Fifty-Sev­en Fri­days: Los­ing Our Daugh­ter, Find­ing Our Way

  • From the Publisher
September 1, 2023

Fifty-Sev­en Fri­days is a sear­ing, med­i­ta­tive sto­ry filled with jour­nal entries that grant read­ers dis­arm­ing access to the emo­tions Myra Sack and her hus­band Matt grap­pled with in real time after their daughter’s Tay Sachs diag­no­sis — feel­ings of help­less­ness, anger, hope, love, and sad­ness. These pas­sages, along with chap­ters offer­ing con­text and per­spec­tive, allow us to bear wit­ness as the fam­i­ly jour­neys through love and loss. Rather than won­der what if or if only, Myra and Matt find strength, com­pas­sion, and a deep­er under­stand­ing of them­selves in their daughter’s life and death. For Myra, writ­ing Fifty-Sev­en Fri­days was at once a means through which to process her grief, and to cre­ate a record of Havi’s life that hon­ored her endur­ing love. For the read­er, it is also a roadmap for fac­ing pro­found loss.

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