Heart of Deception

M. L. Mal­colm 352 pp. $13.99 ISBN:
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By – August 31, 2011
The long pur­suit of a father for his daugh­ter dur­ing and after World War II is the theme of this nov­el about Leo Hoff­man, a chameleon who holds var­i­ous pass­ports, speaks many lan­guages, and spies for the Allies. After his wife is killed in an explo­sion in Shang­hai, he sends their daugh­ter Mad­dy to live in New York in order to keep her out of harm’s way. Mad­dy is raised by a Catholic Irish sur­ro­gate fam­i­ly with lit­tle knowl­edge about her father and moth­er and her Jew­ish iden­ti­ty until a long lost aunt takes over her care. Despite all the dif­fi­cult cir­cum­stances which con­spire to keep Maddy’s father out of her life until she’s an adult, he per­sists in try­ing to reach her. Leo ulti­mate­ly makes his way back to Mad­dy at a crit­i­cal time of her life, when she is final­ly ready to embrace him.
Miri­am Brad­man Abra­hams is a Cuban-born, Brook­lyn-raised, Long Island-resid­ing mom. She is Hadas­sah Nas­sau’s One Region One Book chair­la­dy, a free­lance essay­ist, and a cer­ti­fied yoga instruc­tor who has loved review­ing books for the JBC for the past ten years.

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