Hip Kosher

Da Capo Press  2008


Many of today’s kosher cooks are interested in expanding their repertoire beyond traditional Jewish cuisine. There is a growing trend to replace grandma’s chicken soup and kasha varnishkas with kosher meals that are both modern and eclectic. 

With over 175 recipes, Ronnie Fein’s latest cookbook, Hip Kosher, offers an antidote to conventional Jewish fare with a wide selection of easy to prepare contemporary dishes. With Fein’s explanation of kashrut and helpful cooking hints accompanying each recipe, every cook—from the novice to the seasoned pro—has something to gain from Hip Kosher. Her recipes, based on healthy and fresh ingredients include: gazpacho, curried quinoa stir-fry, salmon with pineapple mango salsa, chicken with dates and toasted almonds, yogurt spice cake, and an array of vegetarian dishes. 

With recipes that appeal to any palette and are suitable for a host of occasions, this is the perfect cookbook for the adventurous cook who wants to have fun in the kitchen

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