How to Love the World

Elvi­ra Basevich

  • From the Publisher
January 13, 2020

Poet­ry. Jew­ish Stud­ies. Wom­en’s Stud­ies. Set just before the col­lapse of the Berlin Wall, HOW TO LOVE THE WORLD is at once a con­dem­na­tion of the world, a day­dream of Amer­i­ca, and an unsent love let­ter — writ­ten and rewrit­ten over the course of ten years — to a dead fam­i­ly. A med­i­ta­tion on inter­gen­er­a­tional trau­ma, resilience, and hope, HOW TO LOVE THE WORLD is writ­ten in the tra­di­tion of epic poet­ry and fol­lows the author as she retraces her moth­er’s jour­ney to New York City in the sum­mer of 89. A Jew­ish-Uyghur refugee, the author is born along the way, mark­ing the unclear bound­ary when the mem­o­ry of a fam­i­ly becomes his­tor­i­cal mem­o­ry, loss the con­di­tion of a new begin­ning. HOW TO LOVE THE WORLD casts refugee women and daugh­ters as the right­ful judges of the world and the world as the right­ful home of all human beings.

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