In Oth­er Life­times All I’ve Lost Comes Back to Me: Stories

  • Review
March 14, 2022

Pop­u­lat­ed with lovers who leave and return, with ghosts of the Holo­caust and mes­sages from the dead, Court­ney Sender’s debut col­lec­tion speaks in a sin­gu­lar new voice about the long­ings and lone­li­ness of con­tem­po­rary love. The world of these four­teen inter­lock­ing sto­ries is fierce­ly real but suf­fused with mag­ic and myth, dark wit, and dis­tinct humor. Here, ancient loss works its way deep into the psy­che of mod­ern char­ac­ters, stir­ring their unre­lent­ing lust for life.

In To Do With the Body,” the Muse­um of Peri­od Clothes becomes the per­fect set­ting for a bloody crime. In Lilith in God’s Hands,” Adam’s first wife has an affair in the Gar­den of Eden. And in the title sto­ry, a woman spends her life wait­ing for any of the men who have left her to come back, only to find them all at her doorstep at once.

For read­ers of Ele­na Fer­rante, Nicole Krauss, and Car­men Maria Macha­do, and for any­one who has known love and lone­li­ness, In Oth­er Life­times All I’ve Lost Comes Back to Me is a wise and sen­su­al col­lec­tion of old haunt­ings, new long­ings, and unex­pect­ed returns, with a finale that is a rous­ing call to the strength we each have, togeth­er or alone.

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