Inter­rupt­ed Jour­neys: Young Refugees from Hitler’s Reich

Alan Gill
  • Review
By – July 26, 2012
Alan Gill is the author of Orphans of the Empire, about British child migrants. Here he has col­lect­ed, through inter­views and research, sto­ries about the Jew­ish Euro­pean chil­dren, pri­mar­i­ly from Ger­many and Aus­tria, who either escaped to Aus­tralia when World War II threat­ened, or who were sent by their par­ents on the Kinder­trans­port to Eng­land or Aus­tralia to escape the Ger­mans. Some had good expe­ri­ences, oth­ers dis­as­trous, but they did sur­vive. Some old­er teens were sent on the ship The Dunera, and wound up in Aus­tralian intern­ment camps, even though they were Jews, when Ger­many and Eng­land went to war. The Vien­na Boys Choir, non-Jews, who were on tour when the war broke out, remained in Aus­tralia until peace was declared. Inter­rupt­ed Jour­neys reveals not only their remark­able, poignant wartime sto­ries, but also describes how many of these young refugees from Nazism made Aus­tralia their per­ma­nent home. Worth the read. Index, notes, resources.
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